Meet Newt


Newt’s background and journey into 

communication coaching and training

Newt's influence at has been enormous, both as coach to the co-founders and through his workshop on communication and feedback

Dario Luna, President, Super Seguros Inc. Mexico City

Prior to my current profession I held posts in sales, teaching and software engineering. A growing theme throughout this time was a curiosity about what supports people in effective collaboration, and what stands in their way. I’d had some successes in resolving conflicts and building collaboration, but I’d also done my fair share of creating conflicts and hampering collaboration! There was clearly much more for me to learn!

In 2004, after 15 years in the workplace, I left my position as head of a software team and began studying communication and conflict resolution. It was thrilling to be a student again and to start filling in the gaps in my understanding. I’d found my calling!

I received a warm welcome and mentorship in the community of trainers and practitioners of a modality called Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which is also known by various other names including “Connected Communication” and “Compassionate Communication”. 

In 2007 I started my new career as a communication coach and trainer. Since then I’ve provided communication coaching and training  services with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, and around the world. My goal is to help executives and other team members work together to overcome obstacles and realize their organization’s vision. 

My love of this work is only enhanced by the fact that my clients often take home what they learn in the workplace, with great results in their home life and in overall  stress reduction!