Movie release “The Truth – The Journey Within”

I had the great pleasure of acting in a movie called “The Truth – The Journey Within.” It’s a movie featuring leading teachers of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Heartmath, and a variety of other modalities – and a narrative storyline (that’s where I come in, as an actor) showing the events within a family where one family member attempts to use these approaches to try and change the damaged relationships within the family – through authenticity, connecting “from the heart,” and compassionate communication.

Website for the movie:

where the DVD can be watched online or bought online.

Hope you enjoy it! I had a great time acting in it.

(On a side note:
In the credits of the movie I was given my full name “Newton Bailey.” I mention that here because “Newton Bailey” is a name I rarely use, so that name does not have much of a web presence. So… if you watched the movie and found yourself drawn to investigate more about “Newton Bailey” (Hi! Thanks for tracking me down!) there’s a good chance your search engine will bring you to this blog posting, from where you can find out more about the one-and-the-same “Newt Bailey” – me.

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